The visit, the tasting & Fado.

Coimbra, all in one.



December 1884, Fernando Duarte Silva de Almeida was born. He lived in this Palace where he studied Medicin (1907) before he became Rector of the Univiersity of Coimbra in 1926.

This is more than one Century of history, amazing architectur, luxury furniture, materials and some others unsolved secrets.


This is a must do. Portugal has worldwide recognition of its high quality drinks and gastronomy. 

The Fado & Drinks Experience, will give you the chance to enjoy this ultra exclusive view having the drink wich matchs better with you and our Palace.


Can you imagine a century-old turntable still working? Stop your imagination, you can see a genuine one playing to you the best Fado de Coimbra songs of all the time. It's crazy but it's real!

This an exclusive experience you won't find anywhere else. Are you strong enough to control your emotions?